Our Values

Cheltenham schools thrive because of ongoing community collaboration. School Directors help establish a shared vision of the transformation happening within our schools. A shared vision keeps the focus on inclusion, ensuring that all voices are heard and all students are equipped to succeed.

1) Enabling a vibrant and connected Cheltenham through public education.

Every child deserves an education that helps prepare them to be self-determined, resilient, and engaged citizens. We commit to rooting our decisions in one’s lived experience to ensure that schools are well-run and support every student achieving their potential.

2) Achieving district priorities via strong fiscal management.

Education represents one of the most important investments we make as a community. We commit to establishing budgets that address the most important factors that contribute to success while recognizing the existing tax burden of Cheltenham residents.

3) Investing in schools where all students learn and grow.

All students can succeed. We commit to building on the work of creating a culture that honors the dignity of every human being and serves the holistic needs of students and staff.

4) Creating an environmentally aware and responsible school district.

Students spend most of their days within schools, during some of the most important developmental years. We commit to developing environmentally sensitive schools that are safe, inspiring, and a foundation for being socially aware and responsible.

5) Engaging the community, all year round.

Strong schools are built in partnership with family and community members. We commit to sustaining meaningful partnerships and to listening and learning from those most impacted by the Board’s decisions.